One passion, four professions


With a history of more than 60 years, Challans Solutions Bois (formerly known as "La Scierie de Challans") is one of the oldest sawmills in the West, resulting in renowned know-how and recognized experience.


Challans Solutions Bois offers a very wide range of species,

both imported wood (from Africa, Asia and the United States), than French hardwoods,

of which we arealso specialists.


Since its creation in Challans (Vendée), its activities have constantly adapted to the demands of its customers.

Today Challans Solutions Bois has four activities through its four subsidiaries:




1st transformation products, especially boules and beams



2nd transformation products, such as the production of panels and customised laminated products for which the production is certified by the CTB-LCA label, as well as on-demand-service (gluing, planing, jointing, etc.).



Import activity, particularly of squared edged and standard laminated products.



Kiln drying, dry steaming, transportation and ancillary products such as charcoal and firewood.